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  • Another Collaboration with Reefhouse Media – Peerfit

    Check out another video that I Co-directed with Ronny over at Reefhousemedia.com. Peerfit was a great client to work with and glad to see they enjoyed out work

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  • I shot a commercial for Mi Apa in Gainesville, FL.

    Check out the commercial I co-directed with Ronny Herrara. Its a commercial that tells the story of how Mi Apa came to be and really reflects our desire to tell a story when shooting commercial work. Check out Reefhousemedia.comĀ for more of Ronny and I’s joint projects!

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  • I started a daily vlog!

    I started a daily vlog!

    So for the last two months I have been doing a daily vlog and just wanted to share it on my site. It shows a lot of the behind the scenes of the shoots I do and working my second job at the busiest bar in Gainesville, Fl. Ive had a blast making these so I hope you enjoy them and learn a thing or two from them!

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  • My Interview with InsideHook.com!

    My Interview with InsideHook.com!

    I got interviewed for InsideHook, a gentlemen’s online publication. This was a first for me being interviews about my work so Im pretty proud of it! http://www.insidehook.com/nation/tri-delta-sorority-recruiting-videos-interview

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