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  • I started a daily vlog!

    I started a daily vlog!

    So for the last two months I have been doing a daily vlog and just wanted to share it on my site. It shows a lot of the behind the scenes of the shoots I do and working my second job at the busiest bar in Gainesville, Fl. Ive had a blast making these so I hope you enjoy them and learn a thing or two from them!

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  • Soul Camp West 2015 Promo

    Soul Camp West 2015 Promo

    Here is the long awaited highlight trailer for Soul Camp West in California! Had a blast filming all the events/the scenery that the girls at Soul Camp brought to all their participants. Hope to see them again next year!

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  • Visit Gainesville Commercial

    Visit Gainesville Commercial

    Check out the commercial I assistant directed and camera operated/gimbal/drone. Footage came out great and the video really captured what its like to live in Gainesville.  Collaboration with Ronny Herra and Reef House Media. Check out there website at http://www.reefhousemedia.com/

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  • Pi Beta Phi Summer Trailer

    Pi Beta Phi Summer Trailer

    Here is the video I did for the lovely girls of Pi Beta Phi at the University of Florida! They are a great group of girls and great to work with when it comes to filming. They are super fun and know how to have a good time! Really enjoyed making this video. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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  • UF Tri Delta Summer Trailer

    UF Tri Delta Summer Trailer

    This is first of three recruitment video trailers I have done this summer! This one is for the lovely ladies of Delta Delta Delta. Its great working with them and a treat to be able to provide such great coverage of their summer for the girls to see!

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  • Adrian Cole Adrian Cole Tallahassee Trippin.

    Adrian Cole Adrian Cole Tallahassee Trippin.

    Check out the newest video I did for Adrian Cole! Its a sweet video all shot in Tallahassee, Florida. It includes a sweet night run through a grave yard, which between you and me was a logistical nightmare to shoot. It was a great learning experience and the video came out great. Let us know what you think on here and Youtube!

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  • New Cover Music Video by Forrest Ashby

    New Cover Music Video by Forrest Ashby

    This was a cool one take video I did about the last week of April. Was a really quick shoot just for something fun to do and try the NEW LED lights out in small spaces. Ended up raining but we went for it anyways! Let me know what yah think!

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  • Ashby Brothers – Stuck in the Stone Age

    Ashby Brothers – Stuck in the Stone Age

    This was a music video I did for Preston and Forrest Ashby, two extremely talent musicians that were based out of Gainesville, FL. but now live in Austin, TX. The video was a great time collaborating with two really talented guys who had a clear vision on what they wanted but kinda let me run with it too! Check out their video and expect one more coming from Forrest doing a solo video soon!

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  • Adrian Cole Downhill Longboarder

    Adrian Cole Downhill Longboarder

    This was a sort of experiment into extreme sport film making for me. I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone as a creator and this was the perfect example of this. I have never filmed something this adventurous and dangerous for me, the subject or my gear lol. It was awesome to get to know Adrian and the others of Team FreeRide. I am currently working on a second one for this guy and cant wait to see […]

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  • Team Alpha – Red Bull Can You Make It!

    Team Alpha – Red Bull Can You Make It!

    Check out this video that I made for a group of friends for the Red Bull – Can You Make It! Competition. It was shot edited and conceptualized in 24 hours. Keep an eye out for more videos!  

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