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  • Ashby Brothers – Stuck in the Stone Age

    Ashby Brothers – Stuck in the Stone Age

    This was a music video I did for Preston and Forrest Ashby, two extremely talent musicians that were based out of Gainesville, FL. but now live in Austin, TX. The video was a great time collaborating with two really talented guys who had a clear vision on what they wanted but kinda let me run with it too! Check out their video and expect one more coming from Forrest doing a solo video soon!

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  • Adrian Cole Downhill Longboarder

    Adrian Cole Downhill Longboarder

    This was a sort of experiment into extreme sport film making for me. I enjoy pushing myself out of my comfort zone as a creator and this was the perfect example of this. I have never filmed something this adventurous and dangerous for me, the subject or my gear lol. It was awesome to get to know Adrian and the others of Team FreeRide. I am currently working on a second one for this guy and cant wait to see […]

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  • Omninox Commercial

    Omninox Commercial

    This commercial was create for a client who wanted to tell a story while using the product that they had created! This commercial was conceptualized by myself and Austin Allbritton. This also marks the first time that we used HD screen caps plus post production techniques to create an emotional story about a person using the product to better themselves. Omninox was a great client to work with and look forward to many more collaborations in the future!

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